Wire Saw Machine for granite quarry

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Granite is a natural stone with high compressive strength, low water absorption, high surface hardness, good chemical stability and strong durability, and is widely used in architectural decoration.

wire saw machine for granite quarry

Granite mining

The mining of natural stone such as granite, in the age of relatively backward technology, all used manual mining and blasting methods. This method not only has a low yield, but also is inefficient.

At present, most of the stone mines in the world use diamond wire saw machines for mining. The wire saw machines for mining granite have the advantages of high yield, fast mining speed, safety and environment.

wire saw machine for granite

Advantages of Huada wire saw machine for granite quarry

Premium equipment components

Adopt well-known brand inverter and PLC, combined with original full digital communication technology and full current automatic tracking, to ensure high stability and low failure rate;

Excellent performance

The wire saw machine for granite quarry adopts permanent magnet motor, which has high cutting efficiency and stable operation. With Huada diamond wire, the cutting efficiency is improved by more than 25% compared with the standard equipment;


Simple and easy to operate

The equipment is easy to operate, and can realize automatic cutting and wireless remote control.


The equipment has a spare speed control interface and complete protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

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