The structure of quarry wire saw machine

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The quarry wire saw machine machine (diamond wire saw machine) is a new type of marble mining equipment with high speed, high efficiency and high sawing quality invented in the 1970s. This technology was patented by British pros in 1968, and it was introduced from Italy in 1978 and made into equipment for use in the famous Carrara marble quarry. At present, the quarry wire saw machine has been widely used in all kinds of stone quarry.

quarry wire saw machine

The structure of quarry wire saw machine

quarry wire saw machine is generally composed of power mechanism, traveling mechanism and control system.


The power mechanism is the mechanism that drives the active sheave to rotate;

The function of the traveling mechanism is to drive the active sheave to reciprocate on the working guide rail to maintain the tension of the diamond wire during the sawing process;

The function of the control system is to monitor and control the rotational speed of the active sheave, the tension of the diamond rope and the movement speed of the traveling mechanism.

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