What equipment is mainly used in stone mining?

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the use of mechanical equipment has basically replaced labor in stone mining. Using equipment for mining can not only reduce labor cost, but also improve mining efficiency and profit margin. So what equipment is mainly used in stone mining?


1、 Stone mining equipment - diamond wire saw machine

The working principle of diamond wire saw is that the motor directly drives the driving wheel, which drives the diamond bead rope to rotate, so as to realize the cutting of stone. The utility model has the advantages of no large amount of cooling water and low cost. The disadvantage is that it is not as flexible as the hydraulic wire saw machine.

 stone mining equipment

2、 Stone mining equipment - double blade cutting machine

At present, the common mine cutting machine on the market are equipped with two blades. The advantage of double blade cutting machine is that it can quickly cut large-scale stone blocks, and its structure is stable, which is very helpful to improve the mining efficiency.

 stone mining machine

3、 Stone mining equipment - down the hole drill

It is used to drill blast holes with a diameter of 20 ~ 100mm and a depth of less than 20m in rocks with medium hardness or above. According to its different power, it can be divided into pneumatic, internal combustion, hydraulic and electric rock drills, of which pneumatic rock drills are the most widely used.

 stone mining

4、 Stone mining equipment - core boring machine

The core boring machine is mainly suitable for drilling and coring in all kinds of stone mines. It is often used with diamond rope saw.

 水平取芯钻 CBM 80-180 1.jpg

The three kinds of equipment shown above are common equipment in stone mining.

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