Precautions in mining operation of stone wire saw cutting machine

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Diamond wire saw is a common equipment in stone mining. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency and is deeply recognized by mine owners and workers. The operation of the wire saw needs to be in strict accordance with the operation specifications. Improper operation will cause damage to the equipment and even personal harm to the operators. This paper introduces the matters needing attention in the mining operation of stone wire saw cutting machine.

 stone wire saw machine

Maintain water supply

During the cutting operation, the supply of cooling water shall be checked frequently. If the cooling water supply is insufficient, the cutting shall be stopped in time to ensure that the water supply is kept in an ideal state and avoid damage to the wire saw and equipment.;


Cut in the order specified

Generally speaking, when the stone wire saw cutting machine separates the stone, it shall follow the principle of cutting the horizontal plane first and then the vertical plane. In the process of horizontal cutting, it is necessary to add supporting wedges in the cutting saw gap to prevent the stone from pressing the bead rope and causing accidents;

 stone wire saw cutting machine

It is forbidden to adjust the flywheel position during operation

It is strictly prohibited to adjust the position of the flywheel during the cutting operation of the stone wire saw cutting machine, and the cutting operation is also prohibited when adjusting the position of the flywheel;

Stop operation in bad weather

In case of severe weather such as thunderstorm, rainstorm or sandstorm during cutting operation, stop the operation as soon as possible and turn off all switches in time. Do a good job in rain and dust prevention of the equipment, and transfer the equipment to a safe position if necessary to avoid danger;


Emergency stop required

If there is an emergency during the operation of the stone wire saw cutting machine, it is necessary to immediately press the "emergency stop button" on the equipment console. After the fault is eliminated and safety is ensured, the "emergency stop button" can be reset;


There are more precautions for the mining operation of stone wire saw cutting machine For more detailed contents, please refer to the equipment operation manual. Please remember that safety is always the first.

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