Using method of wire saw machine -cutting method of frame beam

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The use of diamond wire saw needs professionals to operate, and there are many ways to use the wire saw. Today we will introduce one of the wire saw machine cutting methods - frame beam cutting method and its precautions.


(1) Fixed guide wheel

The M16 chemical anchor bolt is used to fix the main and auxiliary legs of the rope saw. The installation of the guide wheel must be stable, and the edge of the wheel must be aligned with the center line of the threading hole, so as to ensure the effective cutting speed of the cutting surface and strictly implement the installation accuracy requirements.

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(2) Winding in sequence

Install the rope. According to the determined cutting form, wind the diamond rope on the driving wheel and auxiliary wheel in a certain order. Note that the direction of the rope should be consistent with the driving direction of the driving wheel.


(3) On site safety protection

According to the site conditions, the connection of water, electricity, mechanical equipment and other related pipelines should be correct, standardized and relatively centralized, and the wiring should be placed in strict accordance with the safety operation regulations, so as to prevent accidents caused by too many machines, too many people, auxiliary equipment and materials. In the process of rope cutting, the front of the direction of rope movement must be protected by safety barriers, and safety signs shall be set in a certain area to remind pedestrians not to enter the construction area.

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(4) The cutting rope remains in the same plane

Wire saw machine cutting methods,Cutting start electric motor, through the control panel to adjust the driving wheel lifting tension, ensure that the diamond rope is properly taut, supply circulating cooling water, and then start another electric motor, drive the driving wheel to drive the diamond rope rotary cutting. During the cutting process, the stability of the base must be closely observed, and the deflection of the guide wheel must be adjusted at any time to ensure that the cutting rope is in the same plane.


(5) Correct adjustment of parameters

Selection of cutting parameters in the cutting process, the cutting parameters are adjusted by operating the control panel to ensure that the running speed of diamond rope is about 20m / s. on the other hand, sufficient flushing fluid should be ensured in the cutting process to ensure the cooling of diamond rope and take away the grinding powder. Cutting operation to achieve speed stability, parameter stability, equipment stability.


(6) Prevention of accidents

The problems that should be paid attention to in the process of cutting, such as rope sticking and broken, should be solved by corresponding measures. The safety protection measures must be strict, or the diamond beads on the broken diamond rope will fly out and hurt people like bullets. Therefore, in addition to the necessary protective measures, irrelevant personnel are not allowed to visit the site.

The above is for you to introduce the use of wire saw machine - frame beam cutting method of the whole content.

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