Requirements of diamond wire saw machine for motor technology

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Diamond wire saw is widely used in stone mining. Due to the complex mining environment, the equipment needs to be durable. In mining machinery, motor is an important factor affecting equipment performance. Today, let's talk about the requirements of diamond wire saw machine for motor technology.


Structure of diamond wire saw machine

Diamond wire saw is a kind of stone mining machinery, which is used to mine granite, marble and other stone mines. Diamond wire saw machine mainly includes main motor, mobile motor, flywheel, guide wheel, wire saw chain (made of diamond material), mobile platform, operation platform, etc. According to the cutting object, diamond rope saw is generally divided into four series: concrete system, marble system, granite system and special-shaped system


 Requirements of diamond wire saw machine for motor technology

The diamond rope saw machine uses the main motor to drive the saw rope to run along the track similar to the runway. The saw rope is sleeved on the stone mountain with the slit. The mobile motor drives the whole saw machine to move backward along the direction of the stone being sawed at a certain speed through the reducer. The moving speed must be adjusted in time according to the load condition of the main motor and the tension required by the saw rope. If the moving speed is too fast, the load of the main motor will increase or even overload, and the tension borne by the saw rope will increase. If the speed is not adjusted in time, the saw rope will be stretched. On the contrary, if the moving speed is too slow and the tension of the saw rope is too small, the saw rope will slip on the stone, the cutting efficiency will be reduced, and the loose saw rope will be twisted, even breaking the saw rope. Therefore, under the condition of basically uniform load of the main motor and appropriate tension of the saw rope, improving the cutting efficiency of the saw machine is the key to control. Due to the irregularity of the mine shape, the cross section is naturally large and small, and the moving speed of the saw machine must be adjusted accordingly.

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