Analysis of the causes of the fracture in wire saw cutting

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The wire saw cutting by wire saw is used as the bearing body of beading, and its service life restricts the service life of wire saw. It is easy to cause fatigue fracture of wire rope under overload. The following is to give you a specific explanation of the wire rope in use in advance of fracture reasons and solutions.


The joint is too tight


If the joint is fastened too tightly, the damage of the wire rope will be increased, and the wire rope at the joint will break in advance.

 wire saw cutting

Equipment reason


Due to machine reasons, the cutting operation of the wire saw cutting is not stable, and the vibration is frequent, which will easily lead to the middle broken rope and joint frequent fracture.


Excessive tension


One sided pursuit of cutting efficiency, forced cutting, resulting in excessive running arc of wire saw, excessive tension, and then lead to the fracture of wire rope.

 wire saw

Rusty wire rope


After the injection rope saw has been used for a certain period of time, some cooling water and chips will be injected between the plastic and the wire rope. If the parking time is too long, the steel wire rope will become brittle, and the middle of the steel wire rope will break in advance.


Quality issues


Due to the manufacturer's reasons, the beads are not fixed firmly, and the beads rotate or move. After the beads rotate, the wire rope will be worn off in a short time; After the shifting, the broken wire rope will be exposed without protection, and the wire rope will break ahead of time.



The above is about the wire saw cutting fracture reason analysis, hope to help you

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