Methods of purchasing quarry stone cutting machine

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Wire saw, diamond chain saw machine and other equipment have been widely used in mining. It is very important to choose a good wire saw for improving mining quality and efficiency. So what are the ways to choose a good quarry stone cutting machine?

 quarry stone cutting machine


From the appearance, first of all, the thickness of the machine plate, whether the machine power head has the possibility of drooping, and whether the machine head can rotate at any angle;

 stone cutting machine

Internal structure

It depends on whether the quarry stone cutting machine adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor. The difference between permanent magnet synchronous motor and ordinary motor is that under the premise of the same motor power, the output efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous motor is 50% higher than that of ordinary motor, the energy saving is 20-30%, the failure rate is lower, and the volume is smaller. Looking at the total number of control cables of the machine, the more control cables there are, the more difficult the maintenance is. Secondly, it depends on whether the machine is equipped with an automatic hydraulic station. The function of the automatic hydraulic station is to automatically hydraulic the lubricating oil of the machine to all positions of the machine, so as to realize the automatic maintenance function of the machine.


The above is the method of purchasing quarry stone cutting machine. For more information about diamond machinery, please pay attention to this website.

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