Correct installation and operation skills of wire saw for stone

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1. wire saw for stone's threading and splicing

 When wire saw for stone starts to use, the method of manual rope threading is adopted to thread the steel wire rope in the wheel groove of each transmission wheel. When replacing the old rope, the automatic rope changing machine can be used to complete the rope changing.

 When connecting the rope, the three monofilaments of the steel wire rope are lapped along the rope respectively, and the length of the joint is not less than 4m. The steel wire at the joint should be wound evenly, and its twist direction and thickness should be the same as the original rope. repair.

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 The correct installation of wire saw for stone, wire connection, adjustment of counterweight and transmission wheel, etc. are the premise of high-quality, high-yield and trouble-free sawing, and skilled operation techniques and skills are the guarantee of smooth sawing.
 The sawing operation process is mainly a feeding operation, except that sand and water are required to be properly filled according to the sawing process, and various components of the operating system are closely monitored.

wire saw for stone

2.wire saw for stone feed operation

 That is, the reasonable control of the feed transmission wheel on the working column (including the cutting disc and the pressing wheel of the cutting column of the drilling machine and the automatic wire pressing machine). There are two types of feeding operation: manual feeding and mechanical automatic feeding.

stone wire saw machine

3. Determination of the entrance and exit elevations of the beaded rope of wire saw for stone

 When the mining bench is sawing horizontally, while determining the relative elevation of the wire rope inlet and outlet on both sides of the operation according to the process requirements, it is also necessary to create a certain height difference between the inlet and outlet, so that the sawing seam forms a certain slope, so as to facilitate the sand water It can enter and be fully utilized, and it is conducive to the smooth discharge of waste mortar from the sawing gap, thereby improving sawing efficiency and reducing sand consumption.
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