Wire saw machine mining stone technology and introduction

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1.wire saw machine Introduction

 wire saw machine has been used for nearly 200 years as a common mining equipment in marble mines. In 1800 AD, Italy Corsi (AdolfoCorsi) and Faggioni (Ita-IoFaggioni) the company first used the equipment.

With the development of marble mining technology, wire saw machine in the structure and its supporting tools continue to improve, and gradually developed from a single row of storage rope to a combination of storage rope. 

Single-row sawmill is shown in Figure 1, and the combined 8 is shown in Figure 2.

stone wire saw machine

2.wire saw machine Mining technology

wire saw machine

wire saw machine is suitable for rock solidity index (f) below 10, layer thickness in lOm above sharply inclined ore body, or level and dip slower laminated ore body, and fracture development level is small, for caves, large fractures (especially unfilled caves and open fractures) of the deposit, rope saw must be carefully considered, generally should not be selected. Otherwise, sand and water grinding slurry in the process of cutting and sawing will be a lot of loss, which is extremely detrimental to the work of the wire rope. In addition, wire saw machine is not applicable to mining granite deposits.

wire saw machine cutting requires a large amount of water and sand. Therefore, its mine application has sufficient electricity, water, sand and other necessary conditions. It can only be used seasonally in cold northern regions and care should be taken to use it with other mining methods.
The use of wire saw cutting machine requires special supporting equipment such as drilling rig, separator or top stone machine. Otherwise, it will not be fully functional and the desired economic benefits cannot be achieved.
During the cutting and mining process of stone wire saw machine, the ore body will not vibrate and will not cause the ore body not to create new cracks.
wire saw cutting machine
Meanwhile, according to the distribution of cracks in the ore body, a reasonable mining step size can be selected to extract large-size waste with smooth surface. In addition, the cutting gap is small and the mining loss is small, which can improve the waste rate and make full use of the stone resources.The structure of wire saw machine is simple and the accessories are easy to handle. Working in addition to electricity and manpower, the main consumption of quartz sand, steel wire rope, pulleys and other general materials, has the characteristics of low cost. It is the common equipment used in marble mining in China.

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