Criteria for evaluating the quality of diamond saw blades

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-14

Diamond saw blade is a common diamond cutting tool in stone processing. The quality of the saw blade directly affects the cutting effect. Today, I will introduce to you several criteria for judging the quality of diamond saw blades.

Diamond saw blade cutting efficiency

Saw blade efficiency is mainly an indicator of production efficiency, an important parameter indicating the sharpness of the saw blade, and the main influencing factors are wire speed, carcass properties and motor power.

diamond saw blade

Service life of diamond saw blade

The service life is an indicator of working ability and an important parameter indicating the durability of the saw blade. The main influencing factors are the feed speed and the cutting depth.

diamond saw blade for granite

Diamond saw blade processing quality

Machining quality is an indicator of the work effect, which indicates the quality of the material processed by the saw blade, including the flatness of the surface of the plate, straightness, parallelism on both sides, and edge integrity, etc. The influencing factors include diamond particle size, matrix properties Wait.

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