What are the preparatory work for natural stone mining

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Natural stone mining is a systematic and large-scale project, which requires a lot of human and material resources. The preparatory work before mining is very important. If the preparatory work is not done well, the quarry investors may suffer huge losses. So what are the preparatory work for stone mining?

1. Exploration

As we all know, there are hundreds of types of stone, and their value is also different; before mining, it is necessary to use appropriate exploration methods to determine the variety, chemical composition, color, hardness and other properties of the stone, to preliminarily prove the reserves of the stone, and issue a prospectus Report. Evaluate the investment value of the quarry through the exploration report, and determine whether to invest in the stone quarry.

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2. Determine the mining plan

There are many mining methods for stone quarry, traditional mining such as blasting mining method, flame cutting method, row hole splitting method; mechanized mining method is also the current mainstream mining method, such as chain saw machine mining method, double blade cutting machine mining method, diamond wire saw machine mining method; stone mining method, a detailed and reasonable mining plan should be formulated according to the exploration report, the characteristics of the ore body, the external conditions of the quarry, the investment strength of the quarry owner and other factors.

3. Equipment purchase

Procurement of necessary equipment according to the established mining plan, such as down-the-hole drilling , diamond wire saw machine, rock drills, air compressors, excavators, loaders and other equipment, as well as water supply and power supply equipment and maintenance tools; Quarry must also be equipped with generators. It is a huge expense to purchase all the machinery and equipment at one time. The quarry owner can purchase it in stages according to the mining progress; in the case of insufficient funds, some equipment such as excavators and loaders can be leased.

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4. Find a mining team

Professional people do professional things. Self-built mining teams need to spend time and energy to recruit. After the team is established, it will take a period of time to run in, which will affect the progress of mining. Some quarry owners will choose to contract the mine to a professional mining team; the number of mining personnel is determined according to the size of the quarry, and has a great relationship with the proficiency of the mining workers and the management level of the quarry, and an experienced quarry manager is required. The manager shall reasonably arrange the work of equipment and personnel according to the output of the quarry. If it is an investor who has never been in contact with stone mining, it is recommended that the quarry be handed over to a professional mining team for mining.

5. Infrastructure construction

Build simple roads according to the quarry terrain, build dormitories, offices and other infrastructure, and install power supply and water supply equipment;


After completing the above preliminary preparations, you can enter the next step of stone mining.

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