Granite mining is use a diamond wire saw machine or a double blade mining machine?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-13

With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, most of the stone quarry currently use non-blasting mining methods.

Non-blasting mining is generally completed with large mechanical equipment. At present, there are two mainstream equipment in stone mining, one is diamond wire saw machine, and the other is double blade mining machine.


Diamond Wire Saw Machine

The diamond wire saw is mainly used for the mining and shaping of hard stone such as granite and marble. In addition to being used in the stone industry, the mine wire saw machine can also be used for construction concrete cutting, bridge cutting and other projects.

diamond wire saw machine

Double blade mining machine

The Double blade mining machine is a commonly used stone mining equipment at present. The so-called circular saw cutting method refers to laying tracks on the cleaned and relatively flat mine surface. The Double blade mining machine drives the large circular saw blade to rotate at a high speed through the main motor, and uses frequency conversion speed regulation, double track. The traction control automatically feeds, and cuts the stone on the track to get the rough block.

double blade mining machine

So granite mining is to use a diamond wire saw machine or a double blade mining machine?

In many granite quarry in China, the combination of diamond wire saw and Double blade mining machine is used; the vertical plane is cut by the Double blade mining machine, and then the horizontal plane is cut by the diamond wire saw machine; this method has high mining efficiency , and the blocks are also relatively regular, and the yield is high.

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