What are the blast-free quarrying equipment?

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Blasting mining is a traditional stone mining method. Blasting mining will generate a lot of dust, which is not conducive to environmental protection; the stone mined by blasting has low utilization rate and is fragile. At present, the mining of most stone mines no longer uses blasting, but more efficient and environmentally friendly mechanical equipment.

So what are the blast-free quarrying equipment?

Chain saw machine

The chain saw machine can cut large-sized marble blocks, its arm length can reach 6-7 meters, and it can realize horizontal and vertical cutting. The chain saw machine does not need to add water for cooling during the cutting operation, and is suitable for marble mines that lack and lack of water. Common types of chain saw machines are crawler chain saw machines and orbital chain saw machines.

chain saw machine

Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Diamond wire saw is one of the most popular equipment in stone mining in the world. Compared with chain saw machine, the price is lower. The wire saw machine can realize horizontal, vertical and oblique angle cutting, and has the advantages of high mining efficiency and low comprehensive mining cost.

diamond wire saw machine

Double blade cutting machine

A double blade machine is a large-scale stone mining equipment that can cut large stone blocks. The Huada double blade machine runs smoothly, greatly improves the safety factor, and has a wider cutting range and a wider range of adaptation.


The above is the introduction of blast-free quarrying equipment. For more industry knowledge, welcome to visit Huada official website

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