How to choose a wire saw machine for stone mining?

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At present, diamond wire saw machine have been widely used in stone mining, construction engineering and other fields. There are many types of wire saw machines, so how to choose a wire saw machine for stone mining?

stone mining wire saw machine

Types of Diamond Wire Saw Machine

According to the power structure, wire saw cutting machines can be divided into hydraulic diamond wire saws, electric diamond wire saws and internal combustion diamond wire saws. Generally speaking, stone mining mainly uses electric wire saws.

diamond wire saw machine

Power selection of diamond wire saw

Generally speaking, the main motor power of stone mining wire saw machine is relatively large. There are three kinds of power models commonly used in the market, 37kw, 55kw and 75kw.

Taking a 37kw wire saw machine as an example, a diamond wire saw machine with a main motor power of 37kw can drive a diamond wire with a length of 80m, and the sawing area can reach more than 150m. In order to make the sawing work safe and reliable, the brake motor is generally used for the active motor.

For the selection of diamond wire saw machine power, it needs to be determined according to the type and hardness of the stone, the situation of the mine, and the progress of the project.


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