Reinforced concrete wire saw machine uses and characteristics

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The diamond wire saw was originally a cutting equipment used for stone mining. With the popular use of the diamond wire saw, the wire saw is also used in the cutting of reinforced concrete and building bridges, which is what we often call the reinforced concrete wire saw. machine.


Scope of application of reinforced concrete wire saw machine

The equipment can cut and remove thick concrete and irregular concrete. For example, concrete structures such as reinforced beams and columns, bridge piers, floor slabs, etc. The general power of reinforced concrete wire saw is 18-22KW, and it can also be used for shaping and cutting of blocks after stone mining.

The use method is flexible, horizontal cutting, vertical cutting can be.

小型整形绳锯机 DWS-18-22 3.jpg

Advantages of Reinforced Concrete Wire Saw Machine

This type of equipment is relatively light to use, and generally has wheels at the bottom, which can be pushed by both hands, making it more convenient to move. During the cutting operation, it can be cut horizontally or vertically, which is suitable for different job requirements.

Compared with the demolition methods with large vibration such as electric hammer, air pick, manual brazing, etc., the reinforced concrete wire saw has the advantages of fast construction speed, low noise, no vibration, good quality, and will not have much impact on the building structure. .

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