Classification of diamond wire saw machine - by power structure

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According to different power mechanisms, diamond wire saw machine can be divided into three types: hydraulic type, electric type, and internal combustion engine type.


Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw machine

The power mechanism of the hydraulic diamond wire saw is a hydraulic pump station driven by a 18~22kW motor, which drives a low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor coaxial with the driving wheel to drive the driving wheel to rotate to complete the sawing operation.

The diamond wire speed of the hydraulic diamond wire saw is generally 30m/s, and the sawing efficiency is 3~5m/h.

diamond wire saw machine

Electric Diamond Wire Saw Machine

The power of the electric diamond wire saw machine is a 22~75kW motor, and the driving wheel is coaxial with the motor or connected through a pair of bevel gears.

The driving wheel can be directly started by the motor, or can be started gradually or at different speeds through hydraulic coupling, mechanical clutch, remote control starter, so as to solve the problem of "load start" of diamond under tension condition, and make the diamond rope When the diameter of the driving wheel is small, the linear speed of up to 45m/s can be obtained, and the sawing efficiency can reach 8~16㎡/h. The motor of this machine has a large power and can drive a long diamond wire, so the sawing area is large. For example, a diamond saw with a main motor power of 37kW can drive a diamond wire with a length of 80m, and the sawing area can reach more than 150m. In order to make the sawing work safe and reliable, the brake motor is generally used for the active motor.

wire saw cutting machine

Internal combustion diamond wire saw machine

Internal combustion diamond wire sawing machine The driving wheel of this machine is driven by a 60~75kW diesel engine through a fluid torque converter, which can make the driving wheel start gradually, and the tension of the diamond wire can be adjusted automatically. It can automatically stop in case of broken rope and other faults. This saw is mainly used in mines without power supply.

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