Advantages of quarry wire saw machine for mining stone

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-13

At present, quarry wire saw machine are mainly used for the mining and shaping of hard stones such as granite and marble. In addition to being used in the stone industry, quarry wire saws can also be used in construction concrete cutting, bridge cutting and other projects. Diamond mining stone have the following advantages.

High sawing speed

The cutting line speed of quarry wire saw can reach more than 35m/s;

wire saw machine

Good quality of sawing

The surface of the sawed blocks is flat and smooth, and basically no plastic processing is required;

Easy to operate

The structure of the whole machine is relatively simple, the operation is easy to use, the equipment occupies a small area, and it is convenient to carry; it does not require high operating skills of workers;

quarry wire saw

Wide range of uses and strong applicability

Quarry wire saw machine can not only mine all kinds of marble, but also can be used to mine granite. At the same time, it can also properly cooperate with other auxiliary devices to dig trenches, separate, dismantle and shape; when mining and shaping, it can perform horizontal, vertical and oblique cutting;


Low mining cost and high desert rate

Due to the simple structure of the equipment, it is flexible and flexible. There is no need to build a special machine room, the maintenance is convenient, the damage to the ore body during mining is small, and the comprehensive mining cost is low.

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