Stone wire saw mining method

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As we all know, Stone wire saw is a kind of equipment widely used in stone mining, with good performance. Huada will take you to understand the history and application of stone wire saw.

stone wire saw

History of diamond wire saw mining

Stone wire saw appeared in the late 1970s. At the beginning, it was a mining equipment developed for marble mining. This equipment uses diamond beads of various shapes fixed by spring and injection rubber injection on steel wire rope as cutting tools to cut stone. Because of its high cutting efficiency and simple operation, it has been widely used in marble mines rapidly. About 15 years after its advent, it has eliminated the mining system of steel wire saw machine that has been used for nearly a century, and has become the mainstream mining equipment in stone mining.

diamond wire saw machine

Application of diamond rope sawing mining method

Stone wire saw can be used in marble mines to complete the full sawing mining of separating bodies from ore bodies, disintegrating cutting and shaping cutting of waste materials. It can also be used in granite mines for full sawing mining or auxiliary sawing mining. However, it is most used in combination with other mining equipment to form a higher mining efficiency, which is suitable for different kinds of stones Mechanized mining system under different mine conditions.

At present, many marble mines will adopt Stone wire saw full sawing mining, that is, the horizontal and vertical planes are cut by Stone wire saw. In granite mining, the mainstream mining method now is to use double blade machine combined with stone wire saw machine for mining. The vertical plane is cut by double blade machine, and then the horizontal plane is cut by stone wire saw machine.


The video shows that Huada stone wire saw is cutting the horizontal plane

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