Technological process of facing stone mining

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-09

Facing stone mining

Facing stone mining is a special mining method different from ordinary non-metallic mining in non-metallic mining. It needs to adopt a variety of technical instructions and methods to avoid or reduce new cracks in the mined waste materials, so as to improve the yield of stone processing and maintain its good quality.


Basic technological process of facing stone mining

According to different types of stones, the mining process of facing stones can be basically divided into three categories: Granite hard stones, marble soft stones and building decoration stones. At present, the mining methods of facing stones are aimed at these three types of stones.


Whether the selection of mining technology and method is correct or not is related to the feasibility of mining operation, mining cost planning and the protection and utilization of ore body resources.


Although each stone mining process is different, the basic mining process of facing stone is roughly the same.

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