Stone mining method-double blade cutting stone machine saw cutting method

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In the era of relatively backward technology in the last century, natural stone mining used traditional mining methods, such as blasting and splitting. With the continuous improvement of technical level, mechanized mining of stone has become the mainstream. This article introduces the mechanized stone mining method-double blade cutting stone machine saw cutting method.

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1.Explanation of double blade cutting stone machine saw cutting method

The so-called double blade cutting stone machine saw cutting method refers to laying a track on the smooth surface of the mine. The double-knife circular saw drives the circular saw blade (common specifications 1.5m, 3.6m, 4.8m) through the main motor to rotate at high speed. ;Using frequency conversion speed regulation, dual-track traction control automatic feeding, cutting the ore body on the track, and obtaining rough blocks.

Then, the rough blocks are trimmed into standard-specification blocks with diamond wire saw machine, rock drills, pneumatic drills and other equipment.

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2.The source of the double blade cutting stone machine saw cutting method

This method originated from Fujian Province, China. It used the principle of cutting and processing panels from stone processing plants to flexibly apply the high-speed rotary cutting technology of diamond cutters to natural stone mining. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, safety and environmental protection, and high yield rate.

At present, this method has been popularized in stone mines in China, and it has also been applied in some countries and regions.

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