Two cutting methods of diamond wire saw cutting machine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-31

The diamond wire saw machine is a common mechanical equipment used in stone mining. Its working principle is that the diamond beaded rope is driven by the flywheel of the wire saw machine to friction with the stone to be mined to complete the cutting. Before mining stone, we must first drill holes and thread the blocks. This article takes two common cutting methods of diamond wire saw cutting machine as examples to describe the methods of drilling holes.

diamond wire saw cutting machine

Diamond wire saw cutting machine-vertical cutting and drilling

The vertical cutting of the diamond wire saw machine requires two holes, one is a vertical hole and the other is a flat water hole. When the two holes are punched, they will meet so that the wire saw can pass through the two intersection holes. 


Diamond wire saw cutting machine-horizontal cutting and drilling

As with vertical cutting, two holes (horizontal holes) need to be opened. The two horizontal holes meet together, and then the diamond bead string is passed through the two holes to start cutting.


Generally speaking, in actual mining work, both vertical holes and two horizontal holes will be opened to ensure that the three holes meet together, and then start horizontal cutting. If the vertical cutting is performed first, after the vertical cutting is completed, the stone material will press the beaded rope during horizontal cutting, resulting in the failure to complete the horizontal cutting.

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