Characteristics and methods of hard stone mining

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Hard stones usually refer to stones of granite, granodiorite, quartz diorite, diabase, gabbro, peridotite, basalt, gneiss and other lithology.

 hard stone mining

Mining characteristics of hard stone mines

Due to the great difference between hard stone and soft stone in mineral composition, physicochemical and mechanical properties, the mining of hard stone is very difficult and special. Compared with soft stones, hard stones are mainly hard and difficult to cut, but most hard stones have the characteristics of splitting, which is much better than soft stones.

 stone mining

Method for mining hard stone

Splitting mining hard stone has a long history. Fully mechanized mining of hard stone has been a thing in recent 30 years. According to the basic characteristics of hard stone, various mechanized mining process methods and equipment have been derived.

The traditional mining methods for hard stone are flame cutting machine excavation, row hole drilling combined with manual splitting or controlled blasting splitting mining. At present, the process method of diamond rope saw combined with row hole drilling combined with manual splitting or controlled blasting splitting mining is widely used, and the combination of circular saw, bead saw or manual splitting method is used, It is a mechanized mining technology widely recognized and used in domestic granite mines in recent years.

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