Knowledge of facing stone mining

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Stone has been used in architectural decoration for a long time. With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the demand for stone in the market is increasing day by day. Facing stones need to go through a complex process from mining to processing from raw materials to stones that can be used for architectural decoration. This paper introduces the relevant knowledge of facing stone mining

 facing stone mining

Value of facing stone

The value of facing stone mainly depends on its pattern. The better the pattern, the better the decorative effect and the higher the economic value. In order to improve the economic value of the mine and mine large stones that meet the requirements of certain specifications and dimensions, it is necessary to study the amount and law of joints, bedding and cracks of the ore body, which can be used as the technical basis for safe mining.

 stone mining

Stone mining - deposit stripping and development transportation.

The stripping methods of facing stone deposits generally include manual stripping, mechanical stripping and hydraulic stripping. The main considerations in the stripping process are to avoid excessive vibration of the ore body, the stripping amount should not be too large, and large excavation equipment should not be used. It should also be noted that the stone mining is mainly sawing, and it is not necessary to form a flat stripping platform. Mining can be carried out as long as transportation and lifting equipment can be installed in the stope. The mining process of facing stone includes ore body separation, waste material shaping and waste material transportation. The purpose of development and transportation is to excavate all kinds of trenches, establish a transportation channel between the mining face and the ground, transport mining equipment to the mining platform, and transport the stripped materials, waste materials and waste rocks of the mining platform.


Stone mining equipment

The mining equipment of facing stone mainly includes diamond wire saw machine, chain saw machine, double blade machine, flame rock cutter, DTH Drill, etc; Transportation equipment includes cranes, loaders, bulldozers, excavators, transport vehicles, etc.

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