Diamond wire saw cutting machine and stone chain saw machine high bench marble mining

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-17


    The combination of diamond wire saw cutting machine and chain saw machine is a method of marble high bench mining.


    Generally speaking, the chain saw machine completes the sawing and separation of the connecting surface between the long block stone and the ore body, and the diamond wire saw cutter completes the sawing and separation of the long block stone and the other two surfaces of the ore body. After the block stone is overturned, it is decomposed and shaped by the diamond rope saw or chain saw machine.

     stone chain saw machine

    For the ore body with large fissures or lack of sufficient free face, this mining method has the characteristics of high mining efficiency and waste rate, and is suitable for the mining of various patterns, especially for large marble mines requiring large output and high platform flatness.

     diamond wire saw machine

    The chain saw machine does not need to be cooled by water, and is suitable for high altitude, cold and arid areas. In recent years, some stone equipment manufacturers (such as Huada) have developed band arm sawing machines with water cooling and higher efficiency, which is expected to bring new mining mode changes.

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