Method for separating stone by diamond wire saw cutting machine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-17


    In the past, the decomposition method of granite long block stone is to cut and separate the large block stone from the vertical and horizontal connecting surface of the ore body with the diamond wire saw cutting machine, separate another vertical surface with the single-sided row hole controlled blasting splitting method, and then use the wire saw to decompose the large block stone into dry long block stone.

     diamond wire saw cutting machine

    At present, the most commonly used separation method is to cut and separate all the three connecting surfaces of bulk stone and ore body with diamond wire saw cutting machine.


    In the early stage, when the flame cutter was used for separation, only one connecting surface between the stone and the granite ore body could be separated, and then the long block stone was separated from the large block stone by cutting with a diamond wire saw or row hole drilling combined with single-sided or double-sided splitting vertical surface.


    The combination of diamond wire saw cutting machine and arm saw cutting machine is a common method to separate marble block stone and long block stone. These two devices usually cut the three connecting surfaces between the separated block stone and the ore body, and then use the wire saw to cut the block stone and decompose it into long block stone. Or directly use the rope saw to cut and separate according to the volume of long block stone.

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