Double blade cutting machine-3.6m diameter saw blade

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-17


    Double blade cutting machine is a popular equipment in the stone mining industry in recent years. The working principle of this equipment is to drive the large circular saw blade to rotate at high speed through the main motor, use frequency conversion speed regulation and double track traction to control automatic feeding, and cut the stone on the track.

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    The advantage of this kind of equipment is that it can be matched with large saw blades to realize the cutting of large-size waste materials. The 3.6m diameter saw blade of double blade machine is a common specification at present.

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    For the double blade cutting machine produced by Huada, the maximum cutting depth of the 3.6m diameter saw blade of double blade mining machine can reach 1.55m, which is suitable for mining large-scale waste materials.


    In addition to the 3.6m double blade saw blade, Huada double blade cutting machine also has a maximum 4.8m double blade saw blade.

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