The method of granite stone mining

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With the continuous development of economy, the market demand for granite stone has gradually increased in recent years. The mining method of granite stone mine has also changed from traditional blasting mining to mechanized mining. This paper introduces several methods of granite stone mining.

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Blasting mining

Blasting mining has always been the mainstream way of stone mining in the past, and it is still used in some mines until now. The blasting method has great damage to the natural environment, and the yield of waste materials is low. At the same time, it also has certain potential safety hazards.


flame cutting

Flame cutting is to spray high-speed flame from the nozzle of the flame cutting machine to heat and impact the rock. Due to the different thermal response characteristics of different minerals in the rock, it will produce bursting and spalling and gradually form separation grooves. This method is suitable for rock with high quartz content, low heat capacity and poor thermal conductivity, such as granite stone mining.

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Diamond wire saw mining

Using diamond wire saw cutting machine to mine granite stone is also a widely used mining method at present. The working principle of the rope saw is to drive the bead rope through the main flywheel for closed-loop high-speed rotation to cut the stone.


Combined mining of rope saw and circular saw

The combined mining method of diamond rope saw + mine circular saw is to use circular saw to cut the vertical surface of the ore body and diamond rope saw to cut the horizontal bottom surface of the stone. This method is suitable for small and medium-sized mechanized granite stone mining with complete ore body.


The above is the method of granite stone mining. For more information about stone mining, please visit the official website of Huada.

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