What are the advantages of stone chain saw machine mining stone?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-12

In the current stone mining, the main mining equipment include diamond wire saw machine, double blade machine and stone chain saw machine.

Many mines in China will adopt the combination of diamond wire saw machine and double blade machine for mining. Stone chain saw machine is a stone mining equipment gradually applied in recent years. It is rarely used in Chinese stone mines and has been used in stone mining in some other countries for a long time. The cost of stone chain saw machine is higher than that of diamond wire saw machine and double blade machine, but it has some unique advantages.

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No water cooling required

Unlike diamond wire saw machine and double blade machine, stone chain saw machine does not need to add water for cooling during cutting operation. It is suitable for mines with water shortage or difficult water supply.


Suitable for tunnel mining

The method of tunnel mining has many advantages. It can cut less trees and dig less mountain skin. It is less affected by climate conditions. Stone chain saw machine is suitable for mine tunnel mining.

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Unlimited cutting

At present, the stone chain saw machine produced by some manufacturers has a maximum arm length of more than 8m, which can cut large-scale stone blocks, as well as vertical cutting and horizontal cutting at the bottom.


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