Why should diamond wire saw machine be used in marble mining?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-18

People engaged in relevant work in the stone industry should be aware that diamond wire saw machine is mainly used for stone mining and waste material decomposition and shaping. It is a more common mining equipment used in stone mining in the world.

So why do marble mines use diamond wire saw machine? What are the advantages of diamond wire saw machine?

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Arbitrary cutting angle

The wire saw cutting machine can realize 360 ° turning cutting device according to the actual cutting needs, which makes the mining and cutting more flexible and convenient without restrictions.


Safe and efficient

Using wire saw machine to mine marble is safer and less hidden danger than traditional blasting mining; Compared with manual rock drilling and mining, it has higher efficiency, reduces labor cost and reduces labor intensity.

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High yield

Diamond rope saw mining marble mine has high yield and will not produce large stone waste. It can cut stone blocks of different sizes to meet the different needs of the market.


Simple operation

The equipment is easy to operate. After correctly setting the parameters, it can realize automatic cutting. It is friendly to the operators. The trained workers can control multiple machines by one person.


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