Importance of power safety of stone mining equipment

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Safety production has always been a concern in stone mining. There are many unsafe factors in mine operation. In order to avoid accidents, mine operators must strictly follow the norms of safety production. The safe use of electricity for equipment is the basic guarantee in stone mining. This paper mainly introduces the precautions for power safety of stone mining equipment.

 stone mining equipment

Power input

The input power supply shall be equipped with leakage protection device;

Correct wiring

National standard cable shall be selected for wiring, and the wiring shall be correct according to the power of the machine.

stone mining

Insulating layer

Before each operation, ensure the integrity of the insulation layer of the cable. In case of damage, it needs to be handled in time.

Emergency power off

When the equipment is abnormal, it shall be shut down and cut off the power supply in time to avoid accidents.

Insulation protection

A large amount of mud and water will be generated during the operation of stone mining equipment. Therefore, when entering the mine site, the operators need to wear insulating protective rubber shoes.

Firm wiring

The wiring shall ensure the firmness of the terminal and ensure that the output voltage is consistent with the machine voltage.

Zero line and ground line

For personal safety, correct grounding must be ensured. Zero line and ground line are two different concepts. Ground line to ground potential is zero, and zero line to ground potential is not necessarily zero.


The above is the precautions for safe power use of stone mining equipment. For more information, please visit the official website of Huada.

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