Steps to connect the diamond wire saw

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    The diamond wire saw is a material used for the diamond wire saw to mine stone. Before the diamond wire saw starts to work, the diamond wire saw needs to be connected to the stone to be cut and the flywheel of the machine to perform the next step of cutting Work.

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    Diamond wire saw connection requires professional personnel to operate, the following describes the steps of diamond  wire saw wire connection.

    The basic principle of diamond wire connection: the length of the bare steel wire rope at both ends of the rope = the length of the joint;

    1. insert the two bare steel ropes into the special joint, and there should be no gap between the joint and the adjacent beads.

    2.use hydraulic pliers special for diamond wire saws to buckle the joints tightly. When crimping, first place the middle part of the joint in the hydraulic tongs for crimping, and crimp it every 90°; then place the two ends of the joint in the hydraulic tongs in order to crimp; finally, place the middle part of the joint in the hydraulic crimping again;

    3. check the joints after the crimping is completed, and then use an angle grinder to remove the flash and burrs.


    The above are the steps of connecting the diamond wire saw to everyone.

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