The principle of diamond wire saw cutting machine? How does the diamond wire saw machine work

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-08


    The mining of ancient blasting mines has caused serious environmental damage and waste of resources. At present, the most popular mining method is diamond wire saw mining.

     diamond wire saw cutting machine

    Diamond wire saw cutting is a diamond wire driven by a hydraulic motor to move around the cutting surface at high speed to grind the cutting body to complete the cutting work. Since diamond single crystal is used as the abrasive material, it can cut hard objects such as stone and reinforced concrete. The cutting is carried out under the drive of a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic pump runs smoothly and can be operated remotely through high-pressure tubing. Therefore, the cutting process is not only safe and convenient, but also has low vibration and noise. The cut object can be almost undisturbed. Circumstances are separated. During the cutting process, the diamond rope running at high speed is cooled by water, and the grinding debris is taken away.

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