What are the advantages of wire saw machine for marble?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-06

Wire saws machine are now widely used in stone mining. The wire saw machine for marble is one of the wire saw machine. The advantages of the wire saw machine for marble are introduced below.

For marble

The marble wire saw machine is mainly for the mining of marble and stone, and is suitable for the mining and processing of marble with different hardness;

wire saw machine for marble

Advantages of wire saw machine for marble-Fully Automatic Control Program

The wire saw machine adopts a well-known brand inverter and PLC, with fast cutting speed, multi-language display function and cutting efficiency data statistics, safe and efficient operation. Equipped with a computer program device to ensure that the walking drive motor maintains a constant tension;

stone wire saw machine

360° flip

The operator can operate the control box to realize cutting in different directions such as horizontal, vertical, and inclined according to the cutting requirements. The wire saw head can realize +/-180° rotation;

Advantages of wire saw machine for marble-controllable linear speed

The wire saw can flexibly adjust the cutting line speed according to the cutting process;


Low mining cost

The marble yield rate is high and the overall cost is low. The cut surface of the stone cut by the wire saw is very smooth and will not cause internal damage to the block. The sawing seam is small and it will not cause waste of resources.

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