What are the advantages of Huada pneumatic electric DTH drilling machine?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-14

Down-the-hole drilling machine are commonly used mechanical equipment in the mining of stone mines. Their main purpose is rapid drilling. Pneumatic electric DTH drilling machine are one of the down-the-hole drilling rigs. Here is an introduction to the advantages of the Huada Pneumatic electric DTH drilling machine.

Advantages of Huada Pneumatic electric DTH drilling machine-wide applicability

Pneumatic electric down-the-hole drill is suitable for rapid drilling of various types of stone mining in mines;

pneumatic electric DTH drilling machine

Convenient hoisting

The equipment is convenient for hoisting, which is especially suitable for fast positioning and drilling in narrow spaces and corners, which improves the convenience of construction;

Advantages of Huada Pneumatic electric DTH drilling machine-angle drilling

The machine head and the main frame are double hinged or universal ball head connection, which can realize vertical, horizontal or inclined multi-angle drilling;

Unique structure design

Huada electric down-the-hole drill has a unique sliding seat and propulsion design, which can ensure the straightness of the hole while feeding fast;

DTH machine

easy to load and unload

Easy to unload drill rod device to ensure quick drill rod change, while reducing the labor intensity of the operator.

Advantages of Huada Pneumatic electric DTH drilling machine-optional power configuration

Fully pneumatic, gas-electric linkage or gas-liquid drive are optional, suitable for special working conditions of different mines.

Optional impactor and drill bit

Various specifications of impactors and drills can be selected to meet the drilling needs of different hardness stones.

The above is the introduction about the advantages of Huada pneumatic electric DTH drilling machine .

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