Correct usage of down the hole drilling

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The principle of down the hole drilling is actually to make the impactor dive into the hole in the process of drilling, so as to reduce the energy loss caused by the transmission of impact energy by the drill rod, so as to reduce the influence of hole depth on drilling efficiency. About the use of down the hole drilling machine, I will introduce it to you.

 down the hole drilling

Installation and preparation.

(1) Prepare the rock drilling cavern, and the cavern specifications can be determined according to the drilling method. Generally, the cavern height is 2.6-2.8m when horizontal holes are drilled, and the cavern width is 2.5m and the height is 2.8-3m when upward holes, downward holes or inclined holes are drilled.

(2) The gas and water pipelines and lighting lines are led to the working face for use

(3) The use method of down the hole drilling is to erect the support firmly according to the design requirements of the hole. The upper and lower ends of the strut should be planked with wooden boards. The horizontal axis and the clasp are mounted on the pillars in a certain height and direction. The hand winch is used to lift the machine and fix it on the pillar according to the required angle, and then adjust the hole direction of the drilling machine.


Check before operation.

(1) At the beginning of work, it is necessary to carefully check whether the air-water pipeline is firmly connected and whether there is air leakage or water leakage.

(2) Check that the oiler is full of oil.

(3) Check whether the screws, nuts and joints of each part have been tightened, and whether the column is firmly supported.


Drilling operation procedure.

When opening the hole, start the motor first, and pull the push handle of the manipulator after the transfer is normal. Make it get proper propulsive force, and then pull the handle of the control impactor to the working position. After drilling, the water valve can be opened to keep the air-water mixture in a proper proportion. Carry out normal drilling work. When the pushing work makes the rod unloader move to collide with the tool holder, a drill pipe is drilled. It is necessary to stop the motor operation, stop the air and water supply to the impactor, insert the fork into the drill pipe groove of the drill pipe holder, make the motor reverse and slide back, make the joint separate from the drill pipe, then connect the second drill pipe, and press the cycle to work continuously.


So far as the correct use of down the hole drilling rig is concerned, I think you should know something after reading it.

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