Four knowledge points of ultra thin diamond cutting blade

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-06

Ultra thin diamond cutting blade belongs to one of diamond cutting blades, which is mainly used for precision grooving and cutting. Today, we will introduce four knowledge points about it.

 ultra thin diamond cutting blade

Thickness of whole ultra thin diamond chip

The monolithic ultra-thin diamond cutting blade has thin thickness (mostly less than 0.5mm), small outer diameter (20-100 mm), fine grain size, high precision of size and shape and position, and light weight. It is generally used at high speed. The general speed is 5000-40000 rpm.

 diamond cutting blade

Thickness of ultra thin diamond cutting blade

Most of the ultra-thin diamond cutting chips are thick (0.5-2 mm), large in diameter (100-200 mm), coarse in grain size and low in accuracy. They are generally used under the condition of low speed and large cutting depth. The general speed is 3000-10000 rpm.


Fine grained

Generally, the thinner the thickness is, the finer the abrasive grain size will be, and the better the surface quality will be. However, the finer the abrasive particle size, the sharpness of the cutting will be reduced, so the feed speed should be reduced to adapt to the machinability of the abrasive particle size.


Cutting depth

The cutting depth of ultra-thin diamond cutting blade is generally determined by the user according to the cutting parts, and the cutting mostly adopts the creep feed grinding process, and the depth is cut at one time. In this way, due to the thin cutting wheel and poor cutting conditions (mostly three-sided contact workpiece), the heat dissipation is difficult, so it is necessary to increase (flow, pressure) the cooling of the cutting area.

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