What are the advantages of concrete cutting wire saw machine

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Nowadays, cutting equipment such as rope saw has been widely used in stone and construction industries. The diamond wire saw machine used in general stone mining has high power and inconvenient equipment movement, so it is not suitable for the cutting operation of building concrete. Different from large-scale rope saw equipment, relatively small and convenient concrete cutting wire saw machine is more popular with construction workers in the construction industry.

 concrete cutting wire saw machine

Advantages of concrete cutting wire saw machine - simple operation

The cutting equipment of electric rope saw is simple and convenient to operate, and one person can complete the installation and commissioning.


Strong power

The general concrete rope saw machine adopts 22KW six stage large motor with good quality and strong power, which is suitable for cutting building concrete.

 concrete wire saw machine

Advantages of concrete cutting wire saw machine - efficient cutting

Like diamond wire saw machine, concrete wire saw machine has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency. It not only cuts smoothly and quickly, but also does not produce strong noise.


Strong adaptability

The concrete rope saw cutting machine has strong adaptability and can cut in complex environmental conditions. It can cut in any direction through directional wheel, universal wheel and reverse cutting support. Rope saw cutting tools have good flexibility and can cope with various complex construction environments

 小型整形绳锯机 DWS-18-22 3.jpg

The above is the advantages of the concrete cutting wire saw machine introduced to you.

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