What are the common stone cutting methods in natural stone mining?

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The mining technology of natural stone mining has gone through several stages, and the cutting methods have changed with the continuous progress of technology. Today, let's introduce what are the common stone cutting methods?

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Manual cutting

The manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, the size error is large, the material waste is large, and the subsequent processing workload is large. At the same time, the working conditions of natural stone mining are poor and the production efficiency is low.


Semi automatic cutting

In the semi-automatic cutting machine, the profiling cutting machine has good quality of cutting workpieces. Because it uses cutting die, it is not suitable for cutting single piece, small batch and large workpieces. Although other types of semi-automatic cutting machines reduce the labor intensity of workers, they have simple functions and are only suitable for cutting parts with regular shapes.

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NC cutting

Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting methods, NC cutting can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of plate cutting and reduce the labor intensity of operators.


Rope saw cutting

Wire saw cutting refers to the use of equipment such as diamond wire saw machine to cut and process stone and waste materials. Compared with traditional stone cutting methods, it is more efficient and has a higher yield.


The above is all about the common stone cutting methods in natural stone mining

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