How to maintain the quarry wire saw machine?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-07

As a common equipment for stone mining, diamond rope saw needs regular maintenance. Today, let's talk about how to maintain quarry wire saw machine

 quarry wire saw machine

Necessity of maintenance of quarry wire saw machine

Mine wire saw cutting machines generally work continuously for more than 12 hours, and long-time work will inevitably produce certain loss. In addition, the large dust in the mine may block the internal parts of the rope saw, which needs to be cleaned regularly.

 diamond wire saw cutting machine

Precautions for maintenance of quarry wire saw machine

Regularly check the cable. If it is damaged, it must be wrapped or replaced immediately to prevent electric leakage; Regularly clean the moisture and dust on the electric cabinet, machine body and console to keep the equipment clean; Check whether the polyurethane insert of the drive flywheel and guide wheel is normal. If there is large wear, replace it in time, otherwise the bead rope will be abnormally worn; After the cutting operation, the dirt on the equipment shall be cleaned in time, and the equipment shall be cleaned once in 7 or 10 days to prevent dirt and corrosion of the equipment.

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