Precautions for use of concrete wire saw machine

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Wire saw has become a widely used cutting equipment. Concrete wire saw machine belongs to one of rope saw machines, which is mainly used for cutting and demolition of building concrete. Today, let's introduce the precautions for the use of concrete rope saw cutting machine.


Pre startup inspection

Before starting the concrete wire saw machine, check whether the motor and cable are normal, whether the diamond bead rope meets the requirements and whether the installation is correct.

 concrete wire saw machine

No load test

After starting the concrete wire saw machine, first run it without load, and check the running direction of the rope saw machine, whether the lifting is flexible and whether the operation is abnormal. After everything is normal, the coagulation cutting and disassembly can be carried out.


Cut as required

The cutting thickness of the rope saw shall be in strict accordance with the provisions in the operation manual of the equipment manufacturer.

 wire saw cutting machine

Fault check

In case of abnormal sound during concrete cutting, the inspection shall be stopped immediately and the operation shall be continued after troubleshooting.


Post use inspection

After the operation of the concrete wire saw machine, clean the machine body, wipe the diamond rope saw, recover the cable and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

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The above is about the precautions for the use of concrete wire saw machine. For more equipment protection issues, please visit the official website of Huada stone mining equipment.

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