Mine technology characteristics of underground stone marble mining

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-06

Underground stone marble mining is divided into two parts: roadway excavation and waste material mining.

 stone marble mining

Excavation of mining development roadway in underground stone marble mining

Due to the full sawing mining technology, the development roadway of underground marble mine is rectangular section. The roadway development is to dig a rectangular roadway on the exposed ore body with only one vertical free surface to create the working space for installing and moving mining equipment, and the mining face with two free surfaces, Create conditions for the formation of mining steps that can cut and separate long block stones and large-scale mining of waste materials.

 stone mining

Underground stone marble mining - block mining

The same process and method as that of open-pit marble mine in depression are used in waste material mining, which is the main stage of waste material mining.


Underground stone marble mining - Characteristics of mining technology

In addition to the capital construction and mining process characteristics of underground marble mines such as underground mine facilities construction and development roadway excavation, underground marble mines also have the characteristics of selecting high-quality ore bodies for mining, avoiding joint fissures and retaining defective ore bodies.

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