Working area of stone circular saw blade machine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-08

The working area of stone circular saw blade machine low bench mining face will affect the efficiency of equipment and the economic benefits of the mine.

 circular saw blade machine

Working area of mining face

stone circular saw blade machine.The mining face must be flat and wide, the suitable working length should be more than 40m, and the working width should be at least 20m. With the exploitation of each layer of stone, the top working area should continue to expand. The longer the working line, the higher the mining efficiency, the lower the mining cost and the better the economic benefit.

 double blade machine

Minimum operating area

Because there is no need to dig trench, theoretically speaking, the stone circular saw blade machine is in the long run × Width up to (15 × 4) If the cutting is started in such a small area, it must be ensured that the area of the top and bottom mining face can be gradually expanded after the layer is lowered to form a large enough and reasonable working area.

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