Basic principles and characteristics of circular saw blade machine

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Compared with the high bench mining technology, the low bench mining technology of circular saw blade machine has unique characteristics and different process requirements.


basic principles and mining methods

Low bench mining with circular sawing machine belongs to the combined mining technology of circular sawing or full sawing with Beaded sawing combined with splitting, which also follows the mining principle of top-down, layer by layer and step by step.

 saw blade machine

Selection requirements of first mining point

The first mining point can be selected at the position where the ore body is the most complete, the design and color is the best, the road can be directly accessible, and the mining face after infrastructure stripping should be flat and wide, the working line length is 40 m, the width is more than 20 m, and it is best to be located at the top of the ore body.

 double blade machine

Applicability of mining technology of circular saw blade machine

It can be used for low bench mining in marble and granite mines with complete ore body, few fissures or undeveloped joints, uniform color and small color change.


Relationship between cutting process parameters and block size of circular saw blade machine

The vertical cutting depth plane parallel to the X direction of the working line of the circular saw is generally the main cutting plane of the block, and the spacing of multiple parallel saw seams in this direction is generally equal to the thickness of the block. If the cutting depth reaches the maximum height of the sand saw or row saw, the saw blade with a diameter of 4.2-4.8m should be used.

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