What kind of material is diamond saw blade suitable for cutting

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Diamond is the isomer of carbon. It is the hardest material found in nature. Diamond saw blade has high hardness, high wear resistance and high thermal conductivity, which is widely used in the processing of non-ferrous and non-metallic materials. Especially in the high speed machining of aluminum and silicon aluminum alloy, this product is the main cutting tool which is difficult to replace


Cutting blade varieties. It is one of the most important tools for high efficiency, high stability and long life machining. Today, let's talk about what materials are suitable for diamond saw blade cutting.

 diamond saw blade

What material is suitable for cutting with diamond saw blade -- main types

It is suitable for processing materials are roughly divided into non-ferrous metal materials, non-metallic materials, composite materials. Materials are subdivided as follows: non ferrous metal materials are divided into copper and copper alloy, silicon aluminum alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy, lead alloy, Babbitt alloy, zinc alloy, etc

 diamond tool

What materials are suitable for cutting with diamond saw blade -- nonmetal materials and composite materials

Non metallic materials include carbon fiber reinforced plastics, alumina, silicon carbide, polyurethane, plexiglass and graphite


Sintered ceramics, bakelite, ceramics, epoxy resin, glass, glass ceramics, soft rubber, nylon products, etc


Composite materials are divided into asbestos, epoxy glass fiber, carbon filled materials, nylon filled materials, phenolic filled materials, PVC filled materials, silica filled materials and glass fiber reinforced plastics.


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