What are the types of diamond saw blades?

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Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as concrete, refractory, stone, ceramics and so on. There are many kinds of diamond saw blades according to different manufacturing processes and materials. Today, let's introduce the types of diamond saw blades

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Types of sintered diamond saw blades

Sintered diamond saw blades are generally divided into cold press sintering and hot press sintering, which are formed by press sintering.

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Types of welded diamond saw blades

Welding diamond saw blade is generally divided into brazing and laser welding. Brazing is to weld the cutter head with the matrix through high-temperature molten medium, such as high-frequency induction brazing saw blade, vacuum brazing saw blade, etc; In laser welding, the contact edge between the cutter head and the substrate is melted by high temperature laser beam to form metallurgical bonding.


Electroplated diamond saw blade

The cutter head powder is attached to the substrate by electroplating. Since 2012, the state has gradually cancelled the production of electroplated diamond products, mainly due to the serious pollution in the production process.


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