Stripping engineering of diamond wire saw cutting machine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-02

In stone mining,; After the preliminary cutting with diamond wire saw cutting machine, the stone and ore body need to be stripped, which is generally called stripping engineering.


Auxiliary equipment for stripping works

When using diamond wire saw cutting machine to mine facing stone, it is also necessary to equip some auxiliary equipment to complete each process in the process flow of diamond rope saw mining stone. The auxiliary equipment directly involved include hydraulic drilling machine for drilling, large aperture pneumatic rock drill, hydraulic drilling machine for pushing and overturning separation block, and pneumatic bag or hydraulic bag matched with hydraulic rock jacking machine. As auxiliary equipment, it is a slow-moving winch used to displace waste materials, lift waste materials and carry equipment. It uses truck crane, mast crane, crawler crane, etc. for transposition, and bulldozer used to clean gravel, waste residue and production stripping. These equipment can also be replaced by wheel or crawler front-end loader.


 Clean up the broken ore section in time

During the mine stripping project for the stone mine mined with diamond wire saw cutting machine, in addition to removing the overburden and surrounding rock that does not belong to the variety of ore body, the broken ore section of each crack in the weathered ore section should also be removed until the fresh and intact ore body bedrock is exposed. In fact, there are many stripping methods. In addition to using mechanical equipment such as bulldozers or excavators, under the principle of ensuring no damage to the ore body, conventional blasting methods can also be used to remove the surrounding rock and weathered ore section, but the blasting parameters should be reasonably selected to prevent the explosion surface from damaging the main ore body.


The selection and matching of mining and auxiliary equipment are determined according to the geological and natural conditions of the ore body, the production scale and development mode of the mine. After the equipment type and model are determined, the diamond wire saw cutting machine shall be selected according to the production scale.

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