Classification of diamond wire saw cutting machines

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Diamond wire saw has been widely used in mining industry. Due to the rich resources of stone mines, a single diamond rope saw can not meet the mining demand. According to different mining needs, different types of diamond wire saw cutting machines have been produced, which are roughly divided into marble, granite, concrete and so on. Let me introduce it to you today

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1、 Concrete diamond wire saw cutting machine

Concrete diamond wire saw is mainly used for engineering cutting. It is almost not affected by the size of the cutting object. It can be cut from any angle, such as transverse, vertical, longitudinal, etc. During construction, the noise is small, the dust vibration is small, and the efficiency is high.

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2、 Marble diamond wire saw cutting machine

In stone mining, marble diamond rope saw is a widely used one. This type of rope saw is used in marble mining. The emergence of this machine replaces the traditional blasting method. The mining process is not only safer, but also protects the environment and maximizes the utilization of resources.


3、 Granite diamond wire saw cutting machine

Granite diamond wire saw is mainly used to cut granite, and the hardness of granite is also very high. As the price of granite is a little more expensive, the price of rope saw is also higher. In the granite mining industry, the efficiency is the highest. Although the price is much more expensive, the mining is safer and more efficient.

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