What are the characteristics of double blade quarrying machine?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-17

Mine circular saw is a common equipment in stone mining. Double blade quarrying machine has shown good performance in mining practice. Today, let's introduce the characteristics of double blade quarrying machine.

 double blade quarrying machine

Reasonable structural design

After a long time of mining practice in stone mines, the structural design of double blade quarrying machine. is reasonable and can adapt to different mine environments. With belt drive design, the motor and gear drive system are not easy to be damaged. The four guide pillars are closed for protection, and the stronger guide pillars are supplemented by chromium plating and fine grinding process to ensure the structural stability and accuracy of the whole machine.

 stone quarrying machine

High cutting efficiency

The main motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and the large and small saw blades can be adjusted to a more reasonable cutting line speed according to the stone type and cutter to improve the cutting efficiency. High efficiency permanent magnet motor is used as the main drive motor, which is efficient and energy-saving.



The double blade quarrying machine adopts double protection of PLC program and frequency converter, and stops immediately under abnormal conditions such as card and clip.


The above is the introduction of the characteristics of double blade quarrying machine.

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