What are the advantages of diamond wire saw machine for granite?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-31

Diamond wire saw machine has been widely used in the stone industry. Wire saw machine is deeply welcomed by mine owners in the mining of granite stone. Today, let's introduce the advantages of diamond wire saw machine for granite


High yield and low cost

The cutting surface of the rope saw is flat and will not cause any internal injury to the waste material; The sawing seam is small, only about 11mm, which will not cause waste of resources; The flame section is rough, causing certain internal damage to the waste material, and the sawing gap is large, generally 100 ~ 300mm, resulting in waste of resources and high mining cost.

 diamond wire saw machine for granite

The cutting direction is not limited

It can be cut in vertical, horizontal and inclined directions, or blind cutting, while flame cutting can only be cut vertically.


High cutting efficiency

First, the mining depth is deep, up to l0 ~ 20m or even deeper, and the flame cutting is generally only within 10m; Second, the cutting speed is fast, generally up to 3 ~ 4m2 / h, which is 2 ~ 3 times that of flame cutting.

 wire saw cutting machine

Widely applicable

The equipment is applicable to various mines, and flame cutting is only applicable to granite mines with high timely content and few cracks.


Environmental protection

The diamond wire saw machine for granite has no noise and dust, does not affect nearby residents and other working surfaces, and has high degree of automation, separate operation, low labor intensity and high safety; The noise and dust of flame cutting are very large, which seriously affects the operation of nearby residents and other workers, and the labor intensity of workers is high and the safety is relatively low.


In general, using diamond wire saw machine for granite to mine stone can obtain economic and environmental benefits at the same time, which has been welcomed by more and more mine owners. The diamond wire saw produced by Huada has all the advantages mentioned above.

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